Full SERPs Tool - Advanced Competitor Analysis

The powerful Full SERPs tool allows you to see top SERP results for each term (List), and a chart with SERP's changes.

You can view the SERPs of any of your tracked keywords up to the top 100 results data, current and historical data, by selecting on a specified date range.

Rankings > Full SERPs  
Select the URL, term, date range, and top 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 - click “View” to generate a Full SERPs report.

 tab – Shows a the list of results ranked for the selected keyword (current or the last day of an historical selected period).

"Chart" tab – Shows a progress chart of the results. Hover on any point on the graph to view its info. Click URLs to hide/display.

Columns Explanations: 
 – Amount of days with the current rank.

Top – The highest rank of the URL in the selected period.

Bottom – The lowest rank of the URL in the selected period.

- You can export the Full SERPs reports, from the top right, click Download to open the export box.

*Full SERPs is an organic results report (cannot be generated for Search Elements).